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Process Improvement Success Stories

A few CRE8 success story examples:

Admission - Procedural redesign identified how to reduce process steps by 20% and process stress points by 40%.

Accounts Payable - Assessed AP processes and workflows to improve cost center manager approval, cost entry, match to pay, adjustments, inter-organization eliminations and payment.

Air Cargo - Developed new process model for sales, crew planning, flight operations, crew, permits, and receivables. New process model simplified processes and eliminated unnecessary work by triggering work only when necessary. New process model identified how to more effectively utilize current database system verses sending and receiving thousands of emails.

Air Freight - Developed a new Transportation Payable Process model for 35 Air Freight Offices located across the United States. New process model identified significant improvements for both domestic and international TPP. Improvements included increase in service, accuracy, speed to receive payment from customers and cash flow. All changes identified above were made possible through procedural changes and better use of currently owned technologies.

Air Freight Delivery - Documented and costed subcontractor process. Findings allowed for re-negotiation and significant reduction of sub-contractor cost.

Asset Management - Through procedural redesign allowed organization to avoid million dollar replacement of asset management system. Process redesign rolled out in 30 days.

Banking - Costed out current processes & fees associated with outsourced system. Compared cost to replacement of system with in-house solution. Utilized information to renegotiate fees with outsource vendor thus saving organization millions of dollars in costs.

Banking Retirement Investment - Procedural changes identified how to resolve key process issues, improve cycle times, and reduce costs of process.

City Planning And Building - Identified significant procedural changes to improve numerous processes resulting in public service improvement and internal efficiencies.

Court System - Documented and formalized new day reporting processes saving the Court significant funds.

DOT Traffic Accidents - Replaced failed computer system. Due to the critical nature of time associated with replacement. First level redesign took organization back to paper processing, second level design to a basic data system, third level design to a basic imaging system, fourth level design to a complex data, imaging/ECM, and workflow system. All redesigns were highly successful.

Housing Authority - Developed enterprise strategic ECM, digital workflow, and ERM plan. The plan included a detailed assessment of module, application, file, process, benefit, cost, avoidance, and change management. Conducted extensive process/ workflow improvement. The plan included vendor assessment, roadmap, and recommendations. Read More...

Human Resources - Resolve key HR issues through procedural redesigns. Process redesigns rapidly successfully rolled out to thousands of locations (corporate, regional, district and stores) in the US and Canada within 90 days.

Internal Information Services Group - Developed staff training tools, process improvement and technology planning methodologies, and corporate standards.

Law Enforcement - Documented chain of evidence processes and related process stress points and recommendations for improvement.

Law Firm - Improved Accounts Receivable, Recruiting, Benefits, Billing, Payroll and Practice Development areas. Helped team write down, blueprint, stress point, and redesign processes. Increased communication, quality, and efficiencies. On average, sixty percent of improvement changes identified were procedural and forty percent identified how to better utilize currently owned technology. Procedural changes rolled out immediately. Read More...

Legal Department - Improved policies, procedures, processes, and governance. Assisted with identification of procedural changes and required technology changes. Read More...

Insurance - Developed baseline and redesigned blueprints to support increased workflow, ECM, and data automation of claims, underwriting, and operations. New process and supporting system rolled out successfully.

Insurance Commission License Application - Baseline and realigned licensing process goals with current and future organizational goals. New process immediately reduced complexity of processes and allowed for significant reduction in computer replacement costs. Based upon process and application design provided, new system was installed on-time and significantly under budget.

Planning And Building - Baseline current processes. Identified significant opportunities for improvement through procedural changes, electronic document management, and workflow technologies.

Public Utility Planning and Construction - Assessed process, workflows, and existing data systems. Identified how to significantly improve processes with procedural changes and currently owned technologies. Example processes improved include: Project Plan Circulation, Vehicle Accident, HAZMAT, Confined Spaces and Lockout/Tagout. Read More...

Publication And Printing - Costed out publication and printing department options.

Safety - Procedural redesigns determined how to significantly improve critical safety process while reducing process steps by 80%.

State Auditor - Identified new report formats to better meet the need of different public sectors. Provided process improvement training (LEAN, Six Sigma, BPM, Re-engineering, CPI).

CRE8 education and consulting customer industry and area examples.

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