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Customer and Area Examples

CRE8 client industry examples include:

Auditor, Automotive, Aviation, Banking, Building, Cancer Research, Cargo, City Government, Clerk, Coffee, College, Community Service, Construction, County Government, Courts, Distribution, DOT, Economic, Education, Energy, Engineering, Federal Government, Fire, Food, Health Care, Hospital, Information Services, Insurance, Laboratory, Law Enforcement, Law Firm, Legal Department, Licensing, Light, Liquor Control, Litigation, Manufacturing, Marine Line, Military, Parks, Planning, Police, Power, Public Housing, Public Utilities, Public Works, Research, Retail, Sheriff, State Government, Telecommunications, Transportation, Trucking, and University.

CRE8 client area examples include:

Accounting, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Activation, Asset Management, Audit, Benefits, Billing, Board, Bond, Bonuses, Budget, Case Management, Cash Flow, Changes, Claims, Compliance, Contracting, Crew, Customer Service, Debt Management, Discovery, Distribution, E-Discovery, E-Invoice, E-Time, E-Vendor, Emergency Planning, Environmental Affairs, Evaluation, Facilities, Flight Planning, General Legal Counsel, Health Care, Hiring, Human Resources, Information Technology, Investigation, Investment, Job Order, Labor Relations, Leave of Absence, Legal, Litigation, Loans, Marketing, Material, Measurement, New Hire, Operations, Overtime, Parts, Payroll, Performance, Permit. Planning, Pleadings, Power, Print, Practice Development, Probation, Procurement, Project Management, Public Disclosure, Purchasing, Real Estate, Reconciliations, Records, Recruiting, Regulatory, Reliability, Repair, Reporting, Research, Risk Management, Sales, Security, Service, Standards, Termination, Training, Transportation, Treasury, Work Management, Work Order, and Workers Compensation.