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Process Improvement Methodology

CRE8 Independent Consultants guide organizations through process analysis, redesign, and change implementation. We follow the tried and tested P.R.O.C.E.S.S.™ approach for Process Improvement.

Provide education. Teach staff, managers and executives the methods and steps to support process analysis, redesign, and change. Many attendees receive professional continuing education credits. Attendees consistently evaluate the CRE8 educational offerings as excellent.

Recommend an overall plan for process analysis and redesign.Examples of process improvement approaches include Agile, Lean, Project Management PMP /PMI, Six Sigma, Toyota Production System, Re-engineering consulting assistance, Total Quality Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Workflow, and Friction>LessTM. Based on process improvement goals and timeline, we will assemble the process improvement methodology and mixture that is right for your organization.

Organizational blueprint and redesign of processes. Blueprint and diagnose current processes. Assess and identify root causes of process stress points, issues, and defects. Document voice of customer requirements. Confirm organizational process improvement goals such as quality, efficiency, service, and ability to meet regulatory requirements. Determine what changes are necessary to meet process and customer goals. Redesign process to accomplish goals by using procedural changes, improved use of currently owned technologies, and implementation of new technologies.

Create change action plan to drive process change responsibilities and dates.

Establish new process procedures and measurements Work with the project team to develop new procedures and methods. Define measurements to verify that the process improvement goals are met.

Set up on-going process improvement. Establish training, methodology and events to drive on-going process evaluation and improvement. We can also provide Chief Process Officer CPO assistance as requested.

See that team members are recognized for their achievement Recognize staff, management, and executives for their involvement, effort, and success. Provide acknowledgment and certification.

For a free phone consultation to discuss your process improvement needs and how CRE8 Independent Consultants can be of help, contact us.