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Complex Computer Replacement Planning Success Stories

A few CRE8 success story examples:

Asset Management - Identified how to avoid million dollar replacement of an asset management system through process changes. New process rolled out in 30 days and fixed operational problem, prolonging life of current data system.

Bank - Costed out current fees associated with outsourced system. Compared cost to replacement of system with in-house solution. Utilized information to re-negotiate with current vendor and save organization millions of dollars in fees.

Courts - Assessed custom legacy data system. Identified how to reduce complexity of system by 40%. Developed replacement application design, workflow patterns and process rules.

Department Of Transportation - Assisted in detailed application design for new custom data system to replaced failed data system. New data system rolled out successfully and on time.

Law Enforcement - Documented chain of evidence processes to be used to determine how new COTS package will need to automate and impact current process.

Human Resources - Documented numerous processes. Organization used process blueprints to determine how new COTS package will need to automate current processes.

Insurance - Assessed Porting, COTS, and Custom Development options. Based upon assessment and fit analysis determined custom development was best options. Developed detailed application design, process, and business rule requirements. Based upon design new data system rolled out on-time and significantly under budget.

Worldwide Law Firm - Developed process maps and related design requirements to assist with COTS computer replacement project.

Public Utility - Computer system replacement planning. For financial accounting, utility billing, customer portal, online payment, electronic document management, workflow, and electronic records management modules identify system goals, functionality, costs, hosting, migration, replacement and support requirements. Develop application design/RFP and assist with vendor evaluation. Read More...

CRE8 education and consulting customer industry and area examples.

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