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Electronic Content Management Ecm (Paperless), Workflow, And Information Governance Planning Services

CRE8 Independent Consultants help organizations plan for electronic content management technologies (ECM) such as scan, capture, recognition, auto-classification, AI, electronic forms, content management, retention/disposition, workflow, and e-discovery; and update of information governance and records information management, policies, procedures, and schedules. We

Provide education to executives, management, and staff regarding the abilities, risks, and costs of scanning, capture, ECM, workflow, and electronic records management; and information governance/records information management.

Answer questions regarding various electronic content management software platform options and information governance/record information management. Gain an understanding of the concerns, and benefit expectation the organization has, identify budget requirements, and staff constraints.

Provide a report of standards at the industry, de-facto, and best practice level.

Establish enterprise strategic plan. Assess department and group ECM technology requirements at the module, sub-module, and functional levels. Determine enterprise ECM requirements. Assess information governance and records management policies, procedures, and schedules. Stack rank departments, groups, processes, and filing areas. Evaluate needs, benefits, and costs. Develop plan.

Redesign process and workflows. Focus on ways to simplify, improve, and reduce rework within and across processes before the design of workflow. Document processes and workflow requirements.

Update / establish IG and RIM.Update and establish information governance and records information management policies, procedures, and schedules.

Lead the organization in the documentation of their electronic content management technology requirements. Assist in the development of application design and request for proposal (RFP).

Evaluate vendor RFP responses with client decision team.

See that the solution offered by the vendor meets application, workflow, IG and RIM requirements and timelines. Oversee quality assurance as the vendor implements the solution.

See that internal teams are recognized for their efforts through certification and awards.

For a free phone consultation to discuss your capture, ECM, workflow, and ERM needs and how CRE8 Independent Consultants can be of help, contact us.