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Capture definition, challenges, planning methods, consulting assistance, and articles

What is Capture? Capture technology provides the software to scan documents to electronic formats and to index (recognize) these documents. Scanners can include simple desktop, medium duplex departmental and high speed. Scanners can be implemented in a distributed or centralized fashion.

Indexing of the documents can be manual or automated. Automated recognition can provide the ability to automatically index information on a document to barcodes, full text, selected text, and codes. Recognition can be conducted through OCR (optical charter recognition) for typed information, and ICR (intelligent character recognition) for handwriting. Other recognition abilities include machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Capture Challenges Include:

  • Incorrect placement of scanners, improper quality control, job responsibilities not established ahead of implementation, and backfile conversion not planned for correctly; and
  • Wrong recognition software selected and not anticipating the manual labor required to correct non-recognized indexes.

How to Plan for Capture?

  • When selecting scanner(s) it is important to identify the sheet feed speed, feed tray ability, how often the scanner will jam, sides scanned (simplex, duplex), and color recognition.
  • When evaluating recognition software assess the number of documents the organization will be scanning that will “not properly recognized” and will need to be manually verified/recognized.

How CRE8 Independent Consultants can Help. Since 1995, CRE8 has assisted organizations with planning, budgeting, and expansion of capture technology and supporting electronic content management, workflow, and electronic record management systems. As independent consultants, we can help your organization develop a well thought out enterprise-wide plan, budget, cost/benefit assessment (ROI), and roadmap. We also help develop capture vendor RFP, assist with vendor selection, and provide project management assistance.

For a free phone consultation to discuss your capture needs and how CRE8 Independent Consultants can be of help, contact us.