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One Day Business Process Improvement Class.

The basics and most effective tools of process improvement methods such as Continuous Process Improvement, Business Process Management (BPM), Re-engineering, Six Sigma, LEAN, and Workflow.

How to analyze, review, and rank and organizations departments divisions, groups, processes, and files, in terms of need for process improvement.

How to work with internal teams to quickly develop a "current state" high level process map to diagnose the need, benefit, and effort to conduct a process improvement project.

How to develop a "detailed current state" process map step by step process analysis, documentation of internal and external stress points, process goals (voice of the customer, regulatory requirements, audit, and litigation), and current measurements.

How to develop a "detailed redesign state" process map using procedural changes, better use of current technologies and as required, new technologies.

How to develop a change action plan to support roll out of procedural changes and better use of currently owned technologies.

How to develop an application design and RFP to support new technology changes.