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ON-LINE "free" ECM AND ig/RIM Workshops, for glc, ig, cio, and c-suite executives, 15 important IDEAS in 15 MINUTES.

A breach or lawsuit involving internal documents, and confidential client documents stored in shared network drives and email can be a “disaster,” as for many organizations, these electronic documents may be duplicated, unprotected, incorrectly indexed, improperly versioned, and inappropriately retained or disposed of in accordance with organizational and regulatory retention/ disposition schedules.

The result, if a:

  • Breach can be ransom demands or leaking of confidential documents into the public domain.
  • Lawsuit can be significant court and civil penalties, sanctions, adverse judgments, and punitive damages.

How should General Legal Counsel, Information Governance, Chief Information Officers, and Operating Executives respond? Education. To help we at CRE8 Independent Consultants will be presenting four on-line “free” workshops. And as we know executives are busy; each on-line workshop will provide 15 ideas in just 15 minutes.

Sections & Topics

SECTION 1: Definitions, Benefits, and Risks of Electronic Content Management ECM Technologies.
This CRE8 workshop will discuss costs, abilities, and risks of capture, recognition, forms processing, digital signature, content management, workflow, automated classification, and electronic records management technologies. ECM impact on the risk and cost of breach, lawsuits, and organizational inefficiency will be discussed.
SECTION 2: How to Develop an Enterprise Electronic Content Management Plan.
This CRE8 workshop will discuss how to develop an enterprise-wide ECM plan to define technology requirements, benefits and costs, return on investment, and a project road map.
SECTION 3: How to use LEAN, Six Sigma and BPM Process Improvement Methods to Innovate Electronic Content Management Workflow Implementations.
This CRE8 workshop will discuss how to use process improvement methods such as Lean, Six Sigma, Business Process Management (BPM) and Re-engineering when planning for ECM Workflow.
SECTION 4: How to Assess, and Develop/Update an Information Governance (IG) Records Information Management (RIM) Plan.
This CRE8 Workshop will discuss how to assess the maturity of your organizations current IG RIM plan, mitigation risk through a properly developed IG roadmap, identify what programs, policies, procedures, and schedules need to be updated, and develop a roadmap for movement of records (electronic and paper) into an ECM records management system.


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Since 1995, CRE8 Independent Consultants has assisted hundreds of organizations and trained thousands of individuals how to plan for Electronic Content Management, Information Governance, and Records Information Management; including development of enterprise-wide plans, workflow improvement, application design, RFP development, vendor assessment, and update of IG/RIM policies, procedures and schedules. It is important to note that as independent consultants, CRE8 does not sell or resell technologies which allow us to provide an independent voice on how to plan, assess, and budget for these technologies.


Mr. George Dunn, President CRE8 Independent Consultants, is a worldwide recognized ECM planning and workflow improvement consultant. He has successfully designed ECM systems from 25 to over 25,000 users, and improved workflows for organizations ranging in size from 25 to over 250,000 employees. George is certified in ECM, Workflow, LEAN, Six Sigma, and BPM; has participated in worldwide ECM standards committees; and is a highly rated speaker and author for AIIM, ARMA, and Document Strategy Forum.

Ms. Ilona N. Koti, Principal and Founder of ARK-IGC, is a strategic information governance (IG) professional consultant focusing on Information Governance /Records Information Management lifecycle program development & implementation, policy & procedure development and full suite records and information management and privacy/risk mitigation consulting. Ilona has assisted multinational organizations, government, and Fortune 100 organizations; and is currently serving as President of ARMA International (world's leading membership organization serving professionals who manage and govern information assets). Her certifications include MLS, MS IM, CRM, PMP, CDIA+, and CC.