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Workshop Attendee Comments

MindEdge Class

"My main study course was the mindedge agile course and highly recommend it as it satisfied the 21 hour requirement and I passed the exam with little effort. The two practice tests were very similar to the PMI test. They have vocabulary tests and other games to help you memorize jargon terms. The best parts of the course was not tied to the exam per se, a few video presentations from consultants and a series of case studies. You'll like the case studies: given a scenario, what would you do -- you write your response and then look at their expert's response. The Six Sigma green belt class is complete and on-target. A great way to develop compressive process improvement skills and to prepare for the test"

"I found the PMP prep course through MindEdge to be a convenient, effective and affordable method to study for the exam. I passed the PMP exam on my first try using this course and the PMBOK as the only source of exam prep. The course offered practical, real-life examples and information that were more interesting than just studying the PMBOK. The practice tests and quizzes were useful and a good representation of actual exam questions. I recommend this course."

One Day Process Improvement Class

Course objectives met. Describe the pros/cons of common process improvement methodologies. (100%). Use the BPM method to identify risks & opportunities (92%). Conduct a BPM process redesign using the change tool performance. (92%). CRE8 Instructor was knowledgeable, prepared, and organized (92%). "Useful and interesting review of business process improvement tools, relevant to conducting our business w/agencies as well as to in-house process improvements" "The material is very interesting and the instructor clearly knows the topic" "This course was incredibly timely given the current focus on process improvement"

Process Improvement And Planning For Advanced Paperless Technologies

"Wonderful workshop". "The content was spot on and the speaker was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful." "The Workshop was exactly what I was looking for and expected." Thank you CRE8. Great job, thanks! "Information was excellent, George was a great speaker. He said he would keep in touch personally, always nice to hear." "The workshop was a great help. I cannot wait to get back to my company and start implementing what I learned. Always good to come out of an all-day workshop inspired, not tired. Thank you."

"The CRE8 workshop was very impressive!!" Glenn Nanatame, Seattle City Light. "Good job, this conference helps us get an idea of what we are looking at." Kathy Wilson, WSLCB. "George Dunn, President of CRE8 kept things light and interactive." Samuel Martin, State Of Washington. "I could of participated in the workshop a whole week. Great job I learned a lot." Seattle Municipal Court. "Very informative. Handouts (notebook) will be very useful." Nancy Draper, DOL. "The workshop (CRE8 Process Innovation) allowed for participation, exercises, training, and learning. It was very interesting and relevant information." Steve Davis, Micron. "Great job of taking my attention away from the technology and towards processes." "Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. This was very interesting and great information. CRE8 did a great job with workshop. Good luck with an excellent business." Della Lembke Armed Forces Radio T.V Service. "Thoroughly appreciated the mental stimulation and new awareness of the importance and complexity in making changes. Great tools to take back to work and begin the process of thinking through current processes." Linda Turner, Caltech. "Excellent Workshop." US Navy. "Excellent speaker and topic." Michael Tani, Nissan North America.